I congratulate my team in winning cooperation with a leading swiss company. It is but just a humble start. I have full trust in the quality of work of our Engineers and I am sure, we will soon win many more customers from Europe and North America.

CEO’s Message

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”

The above quote from a genius of our times Albert Einstein defines Magnum Principium of excellence in Science and Technology. This is, what you as a customer can expect from Pref technologies and this is, what we as employers expect from our Engineers. Whatever the complexity level of your project, we have the ability to deal with it.

If you are a professional and have earned a degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics and if you are looking for a new challenge, do let us meet. We are working as a technology partner with leading edge companies in Europe and North America. We bring projects to Pakistan, which challenge Engineers to their utmost. It will not only polish your professional skills. It will create unparalleled opportunities for your personal development.

Reach Us

Rheinstrasse 41, 9443 Widnau, Switzerland
Tel: +49 176 47804360

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