Our Story

The story of Pref Technologies starts with the founders’ experience of studying and working in different cultures and international companies. Through all those years, we, the founders, have observed, that there is a lack of qualified people in western countries. The reasons lie in the gap in difficulty level of technical subjects and the prospective income after a technical qualification. This results in a huge gap in supply and demand of qualified people in the west. On the other hand, technical subjects are very popular in countries like Pakistan. It is much easier to find good graduates from universities in Pakistan, who can be further trained and polished in their respective trades. The problem with Pakistani engineers is, that they mostly don’t get the opportunity to work on projects, which make full use of their abilities. As a result, they end up working in jobs, which do not require a qualified engineer. Mostly they are working as better qualified technicians.
We, the founders, have seen it as an opportunity for us to work as a bridge between the two markets. With effective marketing and well qualified people on board, Pref Tech has had a successful start in winning projects from Europe’s market.

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Rheinstrasse 41, 9443 Widnau, Switzerland
Tel: +49 176 47804360

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